Trio, opus 87, for clarinet trio - Beethoven
  • Trio, opus 87, for clarinet trio - Beethoven
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Includes a PDF download for score and parts for Beethoven's Trio, op 87, originally composed for two oboes and english horn. The present arrangement for two clarinets and bass clarinet is unique in that the melodic solo lines are evenly distributed between the clarinet parts, yielding a more interesting experience for the performers and more colorful listening for the audience. The lower pitch of the bass clarinet also allows for an expanded range and fuller sound when compared to the english horn original. As an alternative, the bass part could be played by a 3rd clarinet, thus preserving the original octave. And, the music has been transposed to concert Bb to better suit the clarinet.

This is a virtuosic and expressive piece of music by a great master, and is perfectly suited for a serious recital or recording. The four movements extend over 17 minutes, although individual movements could be successfully performed separately.

Score and parts included.

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